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  • original oudh natural pure 100%
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Pure Essential Oil - Sleep+ (5g)
Pure Essential Oil - Sleep+ (5g)
Pure Essential Oil - Sleep+ (5g)

Pure Essential Oil - Sleep+ (5g)


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OLĒRE Oud Blended Essential Oil - Sleep+SLEEP+
Roll your stress and restlessness away for a good night sleep with our Sleep+ Essential Oil. Formulated with a blend of calming oud, bergamot, lavender and balancing sweet orange essential oil, it helps to soothe your mind and body to gently lull you into a deep sleep. Sleep issues will be a thing of the past with just a few dabs of this essential oil blend.
The subtle aroma of Peaceful Dreams allows you to drift off into a deep sleep the moment your head hits the pillow. Just what you need to recover your natural glow and vitality so that you can embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.
Key Ingredients: Oud, Bergamot, Lavender, Sweet Orange.
Aromatically: 3 to 6 drops per 100ml of water in a mist diffuser.
Topically: Mix with a carrier oil at 0.5% to 5% dilution ratio and apply on the area of concern.

Always store in dark glass bottle (preferably amber) and in a cool and dark place away from heat and sunlight.

For first time use of an essential oil, a safe practice is to place a drop of diluted essential oil to a small area of skin such as the inside elbow. After application, verify that you do not experience any adverse reactions during the first 24 hours, such as skin irritation, headache, nausea, respiratory complaints or dizziness.

Flammable. Phototoxic: application to skin may increase sensitivity to sunlight. Adult use only. Essential oils should not be taken internally unless you have consulted with a qualified medical practitioner.


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OLĒRE Blended Essential Oil
Synergistic Aromatherapy Blends - Sleep+
Volume : 5 ml

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